Referencing Multiple Geometries & User Objects


Reference and sort large arrays of objects and create your own Grasshopper components.

Rodrigo Medina

Rodrigo Medina

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About this course

Referencing large arrays of objects into Grasshopper can be a tedious task, especially if you need to do this in a precise and ordered way. In this quick lesson, you´ll learn how you can reference and sort large amounts of geometries by using a guide curve.

We are going to perform a couple of exercises, one in which we´ll take a collection of slabs from a building and organize them in an ascending order to extract their areas and on the second one we will see how we can label an array of parking lots in a determined path.

On the second video, you will learn how you can take this definition and create your own custom component using the Grasshopper User Object option so you can have it always available.


  • Sorting multiple geometries in Grasshopper.
  • Manipulating Strings to create custom Id-Tags.
  • How to lay flat multiple geometries for its visualization.
  • Create your custom components.