Planar Honeycomb Shells with Kangaroo

Simulation and Analysis

Learn how to use the Kangaroo physics engine for geometry optimization and how to create planar hexagonal panels.

Rodrigo Medina

Rodrigo Medina

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About this course

In this quick course, you will learn how you can create shell-like surfaces made of planar hexagons, using the Kangaroo Plugin. Learn how you can use this powerful physics engine to optimize your geometries.

Is important to acknowledge this method will not work with any kind of surfaces. When using particle simulations for optimizing geometries each case requires a very particular approach, in this case, this procedure works fine with surfaces that have a shell-like shape however this method wouldn´t work with more complex surfaces with concave and convex zones for example.


  • Removing duplicate curves.
  • Setting up Kangaroo´s Physics Engine.
  • Creating Springs.
  • Mixing several forces in a simulation.
  • Using Planarization Force.