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Photoshop Post-Production: A Comprehensive Course for Presentation Renders


Master Photoshop's post-production techniques to create stunning presentation renders. Learn quick workflows and enhance your design presentations. Enroll now!

Jaime Sol

Jaime Sol

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About this course

This course is a follow on from our previous VRay For Rhino 101 in which we pick up our last exercise and continue its post-production aspects inside Photoshop with an easy to follow set of steps to achieve compelling presentation renders in almost no time.


  • Making quick selections using the Material ID channels.
  • Adding sky backgrounds, reflections and illumination to your images.
  • Placing people and trees with the right proportions.
  • Adding shadows and highlights.
  • 1.- Adding sky backgrounds and reflections

    15min 27seg
  • 2.- Adding environmental textures to the scene

    15min 08seg
  • 3.- Adding people and vegetation

    10min 31seg
  • 4.- Blending elements in the scene

    15min 15seg
  • 5.- Adding adjustment layers

    11min 32seg
  • 6.- Using Google┬┤s NIK Photo Filters

    08min 05seg