Navisworks 101: Master Autodesk's Tool for BIM Coordination and Clash Detection


Unlock the power of Autodesk's Navisworks for BIM coordination, clash detection, and construction visualization. Ideal for professionals in the construction industry.

 Ayman Maaraf

Ayman Maaraf

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Why take this course

Navisworks is a powerful BIM review program. It allows architects, engineers, and construction professionals to combine and analyze integrated models with stakeholders during preconstruction phases. Navisworks shrinks large Revit models into a manageable size making it an efficient tool to review and resolve differences between multiple consultant models. It also permits clients to interact with the model easily through Navisworks File viewer and allows them to understand and visualize their project in real-time.

Being able to coordinate efficiently between different parties is paramount to delivering a great project on time and within budget, so don’t miss out on learning the basics in this Navisworks fundamentals course!

Learn how to improve your BIM coordination skills

Managing and reviewing big clunky files with clients is troublesome and bombarding them with the full 3d Revit project database can be overwhelming. Navisworks has a free file viewer version clients can use to easily review models. Clients can also take basic measurements and interact with the model to get a better understanding of it.

Knowing Navisworks will significantly improve your coordination skills with clients and optimize decision-making in the construction process.

Improves collision detection

One of the most difficult tasks in designing a project is the proper placement of elements and entities. Avoiding collision and clashes between elements is a laborious task that often relies on manual processes, such as superimposing large drawings on light tables. Navisworks significantly speeds up this process as it can detect soft clashes, hard clashes, and workflow clashes in real-time.

Reduction of RFI volume

The old practice of avoiding clash detection significantly increases the volume of RFI or Request For Information in an organization. Luckily Navisworks offers an advanced BIM solution to mitigate this issue. It optimizes your activities and allows for better control, giving greater guarantees of the best outcome.

Coordinate more effectively with clients

Collaborating and coordinating project information with other parties is at times difficult but important to guarantee projects get delivered efficiently and on time. Navisworks offers a free file viewer clients can use to interact with the project, take basic measurements and visualize the design. This allows the design team and the client to work closely together efficiently and take quick decisions.

Overall cost reduction of your project

Delays in project completion lead to time and money loss and frustration between parties. This in return can drastically impact the profits gained from realizing a project. Navisworks helps to reduce these delays by simplifying the collaboration and sharing of models and workflows. It has one-click solutions to understand, visualize and avoid misalignments of elements and quickly resolve them.