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Kangaroo for Grasshopper: Fundamentals of Physics-Based Design

Parametric Modeling

Master the fundamentals of Kangaroo's Physics Engine in Grasshopper. Learn new form-finding strategies and practical applications in architectural design and explore creating catenary curves, tensile structures, and dome structures.

Arie-Willem de Jongh

Arie-Willem de Jongh

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Why take this course

In this comprehensive course, students will embark on a journey to understand how physics influences the form and function of structures, defying gravity with every curve and angle. From basic principles to advanced techniques, learners will master the fundamentals of Kangaroo, a powerful plugin for Grasshopper. Discover leveraging Kangaroo's capabilities to bring your design ideas to life. Students will learn to manipulate forces, constraints, and goals through practical examples and real-world projects to shape their creations with precision and elegance.

This course covers various topics, from shell structures to membrane designs, inflatable architecture to origami-inspired forms, drawing inspiration from renowned architects and their iconic projects. Students will gain insights into the principles behind these innovative designs, equipping them with the skills to create their architectural marvels. Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of parametric design or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this course offers something for everyone.

Join Arie de Jongh in this exciting course and delve into the fusion of physics and design, where creativity meets the laws of nature. Enroll now and embark on an incredible journey into the realm of physics-based design with Kangaroo for Grasshopper.

Learn physic-based design using Kangaroo for Grasshopper

Kangaroo revolutionizes design in architecture and engineering with powerful simulation tools. Seamlessly integrated with Grasshopper, it enhances design workflows. Versatile and innovative, Kangaroo enables the exploration of new design frontiers, inspiring students to redefine possibilities in their field.

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Powerful Simulation Capabilities

With Kangaroo, you can simulate complex physical behaviors such as gravity, tension, and compression, allowing them to analyze and optimize their designs precisely. By mastering Kangaroo's simulation tools, you can ensure their projects' structural integrity and efficiency, leading to more innovative and sustainable designs.

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Seamless Integration with Grasshopper

Kangaroo is a plugin for Grasshopper, a popular visual programming language for Rhinoceros 3D. By learning Kangaroo, students can enhance their Grasshopper skills and expand their design capabilities. Kangaroo's intuitive interface and seamless integration with Grasshopper make it easy for professionals to incorporate physics-based design principles into their projects.

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Versatile Application in Architecture and Engineering

From form-finding and structural analysis to optimization and fabrication, Kangaroo offers a wide range of applications in architecture and engineering. Professionals can use Kangaroo to design everything from lightweight structures to complex facades, exploring new possibilities in digital fabrication and parametric design.

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Innovative Design Exploration

Kangaroo empowers architects to push the boundaries of design, enabling them to explore new forms, materials, and fabrication techniques. By experimenting with Kangaroo, students can unleash their creativity and develop unique solutions to design challenges, inspiring them to think outside the box and redefine what's possible in architecture and engineering.

  • 1.- Understanding the Physics in Design

    14min 00seg
  • 2.- Kangaroo Fundamentals

    05min 00seg
  • 3.- Forces, Constraints, and Goals Explained

    10min 00seg
  • 4.- Your First Kangaroo Definition

    18min 00seg
  • 5.- Simple Vault Structure Example

    13min 10seg
  • 6.- Shell Structure Example: Marc Forness Pavilion - part 1

    12min 03seg
  • 7.- Shell Structure Example: Marc Forness Pavilion - part 2

    14min 00seg
  • 8.- Shell Structure Example: Marc Forness Pavilion - part 3

    14min 06seg
  • 9.- Shell Structure Example: Marc Forness Pavilion - part 4

    15min 06seg
  • 10.- Simple Tensile Structure Using Four Points

    08min 00seg
  • 11.- Simple Tensile Structure Using a Cable

    07min 03seg
  • 12.- Membrane Structure Example: Anish Kapoor’s Marsyas - part 1

    15min 00seg
  • 13.- Membrane Structure Example: Anish Kapoor’s Marsyas - part 2

    10min 31seg
  • 14.- Inflate Example: Anish Kapoor’s Bean

    13min 00seg
  • 15.- Origami Folding Example: FOA’s Yokohama Terminal

    15min 11seg
  • 16.- Panel Rationalization Example: Norman Foster’s Courtyard British Museum - part 1

    12min 00seg
  • 17.- Panel Rationalization Example: Norman Foster’s Courtyard British Museum - part 2

    11min 10seg
  • 18.- Panel Rationalization Example: Norman Foster’s Courtyard British Museum - part 3

    15min 33seg
  • 19.- Crumpling Example - Studio Walter Jack’s Crumpled Wall

    18min 00seg
  • 20.- Course Wrap-up, Custom Goals, and Further Learning

    15min 41seg