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Kangaroo 101: Comprehensive Course on Physics Engine & Form Finding in Grasshopper

Simulation and Analysis

Master the fundamentals of Kangaroo's Physics Engine in Grasshopper. This comprehensive course covers form-finding strategies and practical applications in architectural design.

Jaime Sol

Jaime Sol

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About this course

On this course you┬┤ll learn the fundamental aspects of Grasshopper┬┤s Physics Engine Kangaroo as well as some of the form-finding strategies you can achieve with it.

We┬┤ll start by going through the basic components of Kangaroo and how to set up your engine to start doing your first simulation. Then we┬┤ll go through the main force components to achieve different form finding strategies. Among the things you┬┤ll learn will be how to create Catenary curves and vaults, creating tensile membrane structures and efficient dome structures.

As always this course is meant to be very straight forward, teaching all you need to know to get started so you can implement what you have learned right away into your projects.

  • 1.- Basics of the Physics Engine and Simulation

    24min 19seg
  • 2.- Creating Catenary Curves

    13min 42seg
  • 3.- Creating Catenary Vault Systems

    14min 05seg
  • 4.- Creating Tensile Membrane Systems

    10min 47seg
  • 5.- Creating Dome Structures

    16min 00seg
  • 6.- Creating a Tensile Structure

    30min 49seg