Grasshopper Development Analysis Course - Export to Excel

Simulation and Analysis

Streamline your architectural design process with our Grasshopper course. Learn to analyze development potential and export data to Excel.

Jaime Sol

Jaime Sol

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About this course

Take our course to learn how to design buildings using parametric modeling techniques. To create a transformative architectural project, it's crucial to analyze the site's potential. This course will teach you the skills to do basic assessments and be creative.

Discover parametric modeling, a technique architects use to design models that fit site requirements. This method is not about efficiency; it's about unlocking the full potential of a space. When you learn to sketch models that show the special traits of a place, you can gather important information like the size of the area, the shape of the buildings, their purpose, and how many floors they could have. The early insights are very valuable. They help us figure out if the project will work and shape the later design stages.

With Jaime Sol's guidance, you'll use Grasshopper to make a dynamic development analysis tool. This course is about integrating a toolset into your design process to improve your architectural projects.


  • Learn to create bounding volumes that follow site-specific rules, a crucial skill for all development projects.
  • Learn how to draft and integrate floor plans into a study model. This is important for visualizing and planning how to use space effectively.
  • Learn to extract important information from data for development studies, making it usable for decision-making.
  • Export analytical data from Grasshopper to Excel spreadsheets easily, so you can present findings and make data-driven decisions.

This course is not just for learning—it's an investment in your career growth. It prepares you to tackle modern architectural design challenges. Come join us and discover new possibilities in parametric design. Together, we can push the limits of what you can do.