Grasshopper Course on Creating a Smart Floor Planning Sketch Tool


On this Grasshopper course you'll learn how to create a tool for doing quick and intuitive floor plan design explorations while getting real-time analytic feedback on your program areas.

Jaime Sol

Jaime Sol

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About this course

On this course, you´ll learn how to create a tool in Grasshopper that will allow you to design and explore quickly and intuitively floorplan layouts while getting real-time data from your program areas.

Once this tool is properly referenced and set up, you don´t need to operate it on the Grasshopper environment so it becomes an asset you can share with colleagues who have no experience with parametric modeling.

We cover lots of useful tricks like how to intuitively create room separations with open curves, add and remove architectural programs on the spot and export critical information to inform your designs.


  • Learn how to reference geometry into Grasshopper using the Human Plugin.
  • Read in real time information from your Rhino Model.
  • Display and bake geometries with color.
  • Export data from Grasshopper to Excel Spreadsheets.