Grasshopper Certification Course: Master Parametric Design

Parametric Modeling

Unlock your design potential with our Grasshopper Certification Course. Join us today and learn Practical Parametric Design Workflows using Grasshopper from Novice to Professional level!

Arie-Willem de Jongh

Arie-Willem de Jongh

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Grasshoper Certificate

Welcome to our comprehensive Grasshopper certification course! Arie-Willem de Jongh - a veteran computational design expert - joins us again to teach and guide you through the course. The course consists of 7 modules, and we will cover everything you need to know about Grasshopper, followed by an exam to assess your skills and knowledge. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user doesn't matter. This course will cover all the aspects of Grasshopper in detail with various practical examples.


Expand your design skills with the power of Grasshoper

Experience the evolution of architectural design with Grasshopper. Boost efficiency, precision, and gain valuable data-driven insights with parametric modeling.

Design Freedom

Grasshopper empowers designers to create highly complex and customizable 3D models by providing a visual programming interface. With Grasshopper, designers can manipulate parameters and inputs to explore various design possibilities. This flexibility allows for rapid iteration, enabling designers to fine-tune their designs and explore alternative solutions easily.

Efficiency and Productivity

With Grasshopper's visual interface, designers can automate repetitive tasks and create reusable design components. By creating parametric workflows, designers can quickly generate variations of their designs, saving time and effort. Grasshopper's ability to automate processes and handle complex calculations increases productivity and allows designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work.


Integration and Collaboration

Grasshopper integrates seamlessly with Rhinoceros 3D, providing a cohesive workflow between 3D modeling and parametric design. This integration enables designers to leverage the modeling capabilities of Rhinoceros while harnessing the power of Grasshopper's parametric design tools. Additionally, Grasshopper supports interoperability with other design tools and programming languages, facilitating collaboration and data exchange with a broader design ecosystem.


Extensibility and Customization

Grasshopper offers a vast library of plugins and user-created components, expanding its functionality and providing endless possibilities for customization. Designers can utilize existing plugins or develop their own custom components to extend Grasshopper's capabilities. This extensibility allows designers to tailor Grasshopper to their specific needs, whether it's integrating advanced algorithms, connecting with external software, or creating unique design tools.