Grasshopper 101 - Introduction to Parametric Modelling

Parametric Modeling

Learn the very basics of how to design with algorithms utilizing Rhino's Grasshopper plugin.

Rodrigo Medina

Rodrigo Medina

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About this course

This course is aimed to teach the basic principles of parametric design using the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. You will learn the key features of a parametric design approach and how it benefits its application on your design tasks. We will also cover in depth how does Grasshopper works, its interface and how to manage and organize information on it.

On this course, we will also include basic concepts of computer science (programming), and the importance of these to start developing your algorithms. You'll learn how to identify the different parameters that compose a design and how to associate one to each other to build flexible systems with smart components.

This course is especially aimed at people who have no prior experience with parametric design or Grasshopper.


  • Basic Understanding of computer science concepts.
  • Understanding Parametric Design main characteristics.
  • How the Grasshopper Interface works.
  • How information is organized and managed in Grasshopper.
  • How to create parametric models.