Enscape 101: Comprehensive Course on Real-Time Architectural Rendering


Master real-time architectural rendering with Enscape 101. Learn to create stunning visuals, VR experiences, and streamline your design workflow.

Oliver Thomas

Oliver Thomas

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Why take this course

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin that is quickly rising in popularity among architectural firms for good reason. Its main strength is creating realistic architectural visualizations in real-time, but with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Oliver Thomas joins us to teach you the fundamentals of Enscape in this 101 course. Enroll now and learn how to create photo-realistic renders using Enscape!

Learn how to produce amazing visuals

One of the key strengths of Enscape is the ability to produce stunning visuals with little setup and work. Because Enscape is a real-time rendering software plugin, you get direct feedback without having to wait a couple of hours to validate your design option. You open your model and it’s as easy as clicking the ‘Start’ button in Enscape to immediately transforms your model into a 3D architectural rendering.

Shorten the trial-and-error feedback loop

Time is always an important factor while designing. By incorporating Enscape into your processes, you can accelerate your workflows by shortening the trial and feedback loop. Oliver will show you the various features available in Enscape, like orthographic views, animations, panoramas, and 3D architectural renderings at various stages of the design process. These assets can help you to communicate your design intentions at various stages of the design process.


Use the powerful Virtual Reality feature

Virtual Reality or VR provides you, your colleagues, and your clients with a full 360-degree view of your project. This helps everyone to perceive the actual scale of a space which is a great help when reviewing and even creating a design. Oliver will show you how to use this feature using a VR- headset and you’ll see that it‘s incredibly simple to use.

Explore Enscape’s vast library of high-quality assets

To help bring your designs to life, Enscape offers a vast array of high-quality ready-to-use assets from its asset library. Oliver will show you how to import and use the assets and some other useful workflows to make your scene look realistic in just a few seconds.

It plugs directly into your design software

Enscape plugs seamlessly into CAD or VISUALIZATION software. Whether that’s Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, ArchiCAD, or Vectorworks. This course will focus on using Enscape for Revit, but you can easily share your files with your Rhino-using teammates.