Dynamo Certification Course: Master Parametric Design in Revit

Parametric Modeling

Unlock your potential in Revit with our comprehensive Dynamo Certification Course. Learn to automate tasks, manipulate data, and explore design options.

Konrad K. Sobon

Konrad K. Sobon

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Dynamo Certificate

Dynamo is Autodesk`s visual programming plugin that works within Revit. It is a powerful tool that allows you to enhance your capabilities by accessing the Revit API for performing all sorts of operations.For example, the ability to use Revit elements for their properties and geometry; generate sophisticated designs using simple data logic; solve and rationalize complex geometries; automate repetitive tasks; rapid testing of different iterations of a design idea; and much more.

Its visual programming interface is suited for visually oriented types, like architects, designers, and engineers.


Learn how to use Dynamo to take your Revit game to the next level.

Dynamo's visual programming interface amplifies the BIM and parametric capabilities of Revit that allows you to solve tasks in more efficient ways.


Automate repetitive tasks

Perhaps one of the most important ways Dynamo can contribute to your workflow is the automation of dull repetitive tasks. There are countless tasks that you can design an algorithm to solve like for example: Renumber a sequence of sheets, batch insert families,add revisions to multiple sheets, change text case among many others you may come up with.


Access your building data

Although Revit already comes with tools to extract data being a parametric application Dynamo helps to enhance these capabilities besides the usual Schedules on Dynamo you can create and combine data in ways that otherwise would be impossible. For example, using Dynamo you can create a two-way link between your Revit model and Excel. First, create a Dynamo graph to export the specific data to Excel. Once in Excel, you can modify the data as needed. Next, create another graph to import the data back into the model.

Explore multiple design options

Dynamo is also a powerful design tool. With Dynamo’s parametric modelling capabilities you can create robust generative design systems that allow you to explore multiple design iterations. You set the parameters or rules for the design outcomes, so you are in complete control. You’re always certain a design outcome will behave according to the parameters you’ve set.


Think Computationally

As architects we rely on our creativity and intuition to solve design problems. Dynamo however requires a more systematic approach to solving problems. The cool thing is that with Dynamo you can encode this intuition. By thinking computationally, you can break up the different design steps into logical instructions for your Dynamo script. And because every step requires specific parameters, you’re forced to analyse all sides of the problem allowing you to understand your project thoroughly.