Creating a Waffle Structure with Grasshopper and Rhinoscript

Digital Fabrication

Learn how to create waffle structures for laser-cutting using Grasshopper and RhinoScript.

Rodrigo Medina

Rodrigo Medina

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About this course

In this course, you are going to learn how to create a non-standard stereotomy (or what people commonly call “waffle structures”) using Grasshopper and Rhinoscript.

We´ll start by setting up a double curvature surface as our host geometry. Then we´ll use this one to extract our waffle-like structure from it by creating a parametric definition that will allow use to control the position and number of surface elements.

Then you are going to learn how to code a script to automatize all the connections or notches of your elements.

Finally, we will lay down all the resulting surfaces with their connections in our X, Y Plane and label them, so we can later laser cut and assemble in a physical study model.